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Reddit Metrics to Google Sheets

Reddit is a legend of the Web 2.0 transitionary time period. In that era, it was common to find rough edges around popular sites and features and Easter Eggs that could be described as “features that don’t exactly have any purpose but some people might find it cool.” (Consider Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” feature… This […]

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Bulk Hide, Show, Delete & Copy Multiple Sheets in Google Spreadsheets

Update: This script now allows you to copy multiple sheets within one spreadsheet to either the same spreadsheet or a different one. If you want to copy the sheet to the same spreadsheet just input your current spreadsheet’s id when prompted. The spreadsheet id can be found in the Spreadsheet’s URL eg: If you are looking […]

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Solving “Script function not found: doGet”

You’ve written some Google Apps Script code and you are ready to Publish your web app. You click “Deploy as web app…” and navigated to the web app URL only to find… This is a simple fix— don’t worry. The problem is that your Google App Script web app code is missing one critical thing: […]

Custom Functions Google Spreadsheets

Google Sheets Custom Function Tutorial

  You have probably imagined a Google Spreadsheet function that did exactly what you needed it to without messing around with 17 different functions just to get the desired result. Well, you are in luck! Google Spreadsheets supports custom macros written with Google Apps Script for this very reason. If you are familiar with Excel […]

Custom Functions Google Spreadsheets

Working with URLs in Google Apps Script and Google Sheets

  There is something so fitting about working with URLs in Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets. The cloud-based software works in the browser where, indeed, there are a lot of URLs to work with. Google Apps Script’s doPost, doGet, and UrlFetchApp make HTTP requests to URLs easy. Google Spreadsheets has similar functionality with IMPORTXML, IMPORTHTML, IMPORTFEED, […]

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Copy Multiple Google Sheets with Template Variables

Business and education administration often involves an overwhelming amount of repetitive tasks. We work in cycles of days, weeks, months, and years with multiple students, clients, employees, or team members. This adds up to multiples of multiple tasks. Luckily, automating repetitive and work-intensive tasks is just one of the many things Google Apps Script was […]

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Google Spreadsheet Button to Run Scripts in 4 Steps

If you come from Excel, you might have seen some fancy spreadsheets with clickable buttons that trigger VBA macros. Luckily, Google Spreadsheets and Google Apps Script offer the same functionality. If you are just starting out with Google Apps Script, checkout out this Google Apps Script macro tutorial for a beginners guide. This tutorial will […]

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How to Get, Parse, Query, and Return JSON

  JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a great way to pass data around the Web. It is easy for humans to read and it’s easy to work with in most programming language (including Google Apps Script). This post will show you a number of useful examples of how to work with JSON with Google Apps Script. […]

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Google Apps Script Custom Menus

  It is fitting that my first post on this site is about custom menus with Google Apps Script, because, often, custom menus are your users’ first touch with your custom functionality. Your users will be surprised the first time they see the custom menu on their Google App UI. And they will be delighted when […]